I am the CTO and Founder of Lanikai Labs, a small startup working on simplifying video telephony between IoT devices and apps. We provide a WebRTC native SDK tailored for ARM/Linux devices and corresponding client SDKs for Android, iOS, and Javascript apps. We also provide the signaling between the two and maintain a TURN relay network for a “just-works” drop-in video call solution.

Before this, I was a staff computer vision engineer at Tesla, where I applied Autopilot to manufacturing use-cases and developed in-house vision systems.

Prior to joining Tesla, I was the first engineer at Kuna, a startup making smart wifi camera outdoor light fixtures. I led the development of the cloud service and computer vision pipeline for person and vehicle recognition. When I joined, we had no customers. When I moved on nearly four years later, we had 100,000+ devices shipped and operating around the globe, preventing crime daily. The company continues to deliver excellent service to this day. Exceptionally proud of what we achieved here.

Before returning to California, I served as a hardware and software engineer with the Department of Defense.

I’m an alumnus of Caltech where I earned BSEE and MSEE degrees.

Maintainer of ARM/Linux cross-compiler toolchains for OSX.